Made Merta has more than 15 years experience in trekking in Bali and the region. He is a licenced mountain trekking guide. He brings guests from all over the world for daily treks up to mount batur to catch the sunrise. Some tourists may prefer to do a sunset trek. In kintamani region, other than Mount Batur, he also takes guests for treks up Caldera Batur and Mount abang. Mount Agung and mount rinjani requires some level of physical fitness and he has many times brought guests up. On a different and more challenging note, he has brought European groups trekking for days from kintamani all the way up to Mount Agung and then downwards towards the sea of Amed at East of Bali. He also brings guests for trekking down awesome waterfalls in Sekumpul and for whitewater rafting.

For those needing speed and thrill, opt for the waters at Telaga Waja. Although shallow other than the monsoon seasons in Dec, the Rapids are fast and are rated 2 to 4 on the international whitewater rafting scale. For those that prefer it slower, opt for the waters at Ayung River Rafting. The waters run deeper but slower allowing guests to take in the beautiful views in the ravine. Merta also takes groups for Round Island cycling. Tours can be tailored to suit the group’s physical fitness levels. The hardcore ones can run on for 3days and 3 nights, covering Bali Island.

He also organizes overnight camping activities, be it up in the mountains in Kintamani amidst the lava fields and the starry skies, or down near the waters of one of the world’s deepest volcanic lakes.

He also offers car rental with skillful drivers that can take guests all over Bali.

Currently, Merta is training to be a tour guide to places of interest in Bali, so that his services become more rounded and inclusive. In so doing, he can bring guests to experience the physical, the spiritual and the aesthetic beauty of Bali.